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flat 4
2008.11.20, 08:42 PM
I have pick'd up a3racing disc dampener what is a good set-up for this system. BTW this with the 3racing MM motor pod and setting in a F1McLaren body. I have not had a chance to turn eny laps with the dampener on it yet. I was hoping to get a heads up befor I hit the track.


2008.11.20, 09:37 PM
Post pics!!!


flat 4
2008.11.21, 06:05 PM
There are two sets of three diffrent springs. I race on a bumpy carpet track. I'm just wondering were is a good starting point? Do I want a stiffer spring on bottom or top? I also have the 3racing oil feild shock on this car as well.

2008.11.21, 06:25 PM
I would use the medium spring on top, with soft on bottom. You can also try the soft or medium on both... Bumpy tracks can be difficult to setup. I would try to stay away from the hard springs, since they will cause more bounce, and are better suited for high grip flat/smooth tracks.

flat 4
2008.11.21, 06:48 PM
thanks EMU I'll change them around tonight.