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2008.11.21, 09:26 AM
Where And When We Race

Racing usually takes place Saturdays, until.....maybe Sunday. Track Opens around 4 and everybody there by 4:30.

@ T's, Forestdale, MA.

1 L + 2 Long Ovals + 4 Wide Radius Turns + a 45 piece = half of T's basement!

& Others

Short Course

@,X-Z, Mashpee, MA.

Short 45 + 1/2 Long Oval..what can I say it's a small living room.

E has 3 L's + (I think) and named his track the Loch Ness Monster

and J has an L and an oval that I know of

2008.12.18, 08:47 PM
Host a lot of my stuff on line cause I have a old dell laptop and hardly any hd space left. As most of my pics and what not are too large and not at hand to resize I wanted to post the link to the album on our group site. there are pictures of our tracks in various configurations.


2012.07.13, 07:52 PM
You guys still racing? I've tried to find out b4, but sally no reply.