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2008.11.23, 05:55 PM
what is the range how far can my mr 01 be from me and still have control. it is now literally a 4 foot range i have to walk where ever it goes to keep control. i am using 8 aa batteries but they are alkinine. would that have something to do with it. and yes the batteries are brand new. if i change them to nihm will that make a difference? what can i do to improve the range on my radio and car.

2008.11.23, 06:43 PM
you should have a good 60+ ft range with it. do you have the antenna installed on both car and radio? are the batteries in the car good? have you tried another controller, another set of crystals?

I run alkaline batteries in my controllers, it really shouldn't matter what type as long as they are charged.

2008.11.23, 07:55 PM
For me the transmitter isn't the problem. This is for the AM sets, the car antenna is a little on the short side. I used flexable tie wires to make a replacement from, thats about an inch or inch and a half longer. I have heard of guitar strings being used to make antennas from as well. A clean connection between the antenna and the tab can make a big difference as well.

I run my test with the transmitter antenna down, and with the car in my hand both on. I walk away from the TX untill the car looses the signal.