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2008.11.25, 02:49 AM
Hi there,

I am fairly new to Mini-Z Racing and use a MR-15 HM Yaris in stock setup.

Driving this little car is very much fun and the battles for the best position are great.

But I have a few questions that I think will mostly fit in here (Motor Tech). If not plse move my thread.

1. I don't want to solder fets on my board as I am retty sure that I will BURN it. What kind of motor do you recommend ?

2. Is there a motor comparison chart out there where I can see motor specs ?
I miss the data for the stock mini-z motor (i.e. rev/power/winds)

3. If I switch to a 2.4GHz board i can use the Kopropo cable to program my speed controller ? (PC, cable and software req.)

4. Does it make any difference if I use a EX-I UR (with the Mini-Z 2.4GHz) or the Kyosho 2.4 GHz tx ?
Do I need anything else ? (cable, adapter ?) I thought I only need to connect the pc to the board (car) regardless of what tx is used.

Thank you much

2008.11.30, 03:30 AM
The MZ-9 is a FC-130 Mabuchi. The case looks like it is polished to remove the brand. But I am 100% sure its the Mabuchi I mentioned above.

Whats still a riddle to me is the ICS Adapter. Perhaps I am just too cautious. Does it matter what kind of TX I use ? Or will it always work ? Or should I ask this at the 2.4GhZ ASF section ?

Thank you much