View Full Version : PN Rear pod with Atomic Oil Damper Plate System?

2008.11.26, 04:47 PM
Does anyone know if the Atomic Oil Damper Plate System for the F1 will work with the aluminum PN Pro LCG motor mount (rear pod)?

I'm guessing that if they do work together (which I'm assuming they will), then depending upon which body you use, the body may require some cutting to fit the damper under it.


2008.11.26, 04:58 PM
Won't work without major modifications to the PN motor mount where the damper post would screw in.

2008.11.26, 05:11 PM
I run the Kyosho F1 top shock with the PN mount. :D

2008.11.26, 05:12 PM
credit to LBRC

2008.11.27, 12:28 PM
Thanks everyone!

2008.11.27, 07:26 PM
patrick look at hanks f1 next race. it has a tone more rear traction then the stock suspension. I am modifing my f1 chassis this week to it after driving his f1.

2008.12.08, 04:24 PM
Hank, didn't you post pictures of your F1's rear suspension with the SAS shocks? I can't seam to find them.

2008.12.08, 09:32 PM

2008.12.09, 01:25 AM
This is not the Atomic F1 disc damper, but it is a disc damper on the PN F1 mount.

I used an Atomic RML damper plate, with slight modification to the mounting holes. Used MR02 front suspension travel limiters as standoffs, with nuts to hold the plate down. Kawada damper discs, PN springs, Kawada damper post (shorter and thinner than the PN). Topped it off with a Kyosho F1 shock.

I basically dug through some spare parts and found stuff that would work... I am still working out some tweak bugs to work out, only tested it for a few minutes. I think its coming from the front end, not the rear. My main runner has an Atomic mount with Atomic F1 DPS and runs great.



Sorry for the poor quality images, cell phone :rolleyes:

2009.02.06, 08:35 AM
I was able to fit the Atomic DDS system on the PN motor mount without any modification to the motor mount however it sits a little high so I had to cut out the body for some room, I cut out a little more then what EMU did on his F1 to free up the movement of the system. Recently I tried the red F1 top shock again with red F1 spring and the red F1 side springs. I also used the Atomic AWD hard grease on the red F1 top shock. At this time I dont notice any handling difference with both set ups I will see how it works on a bigger track (right now my track is set up with a 15 foot straight and some turns) if I can run it at Maj's track with no problem then i will be able to run it anywhere. That bank allow you to carries a lot of speed.