View Full Version : Crazy MR02 Servo

2008.11.27, 01:44 PM

I have a crazy servo!

When the steering position is in neutral, it wiggles around excessively.
I know that under voltage, the servo would normally twitch a minimal amount, but right now it's twitching so much that it is not possible to drive the car straight. it wags everywhere!

is there soemthing that can be done to fix this?
I was told to change the armature in the servo...has anyone experienced a similar thing, and if so, how was it resolved?

2008.11.28, 08:45 AM
all mini z's seem to have a twitch in the servo after a while, but it usualy isn't so bad that you cant drive the car. you can clean the steering pot and try that. this seems to work well. i'd give you a link but i dont know how? i just googled it. check it out i think that will help you. google, mini z steering pot. if you cant figure it out pm me and ill try to help you out!:)