View Full Version : Matsushima mini-z dash for cash

2008.11.28, 12:52 PM
MPT Mini-Z Thanksgiving weekend Dash for Cash
Doors open @ 12 pm on Saturday Nov 29 2008
Qualifying Begins @ 4pm sharp
Racing begins @ 6pm
24x14 layout
Triple A Main Format
Handicap Points System
Entry fee - $40.00
Mod and Stock class
Each main payout
drinks and snacks will be provided
MPT Mini-Z
1012 w. 9th st
Upland CA 91786
Phone # 909.985.2073

2008.11.29, 01:06 PM
today is the big day....
doors open @ noon

2008.11.29, 01:24 PM
wish I was there....
Good Luck to all the competitors

2008.11.30, 01:19 AM
Grant, how did the race go?

2008.11.30, 03:28 AM
Grant, how did the race go?

the races were great and i think we all had a great time at the first of many Dash for cash races.....the learning curve is steep for a handicap race and this has been a great learning process.....
this was a triple A main format with handi cap..... so every one was equal
the purse was 300.00.....
for each race was 100.00 per main
the entry fee was 40.00
big winners were as follows.....
Geoffry 60.00
Robert 48.00
Doug 46.00
Drew 34.00
Tony 32.00
Roy 30.00
Lukas* 25.00
Kalani 15.00
Joseph 10.00
(*Pole sitter.Zero handicap)
see you all at the next one:D