View Full Version : FXX under steering problem

2008.12.01, 06:31 AM
does any one race there FXX and have a under steering problem?

2008.12.01, 06:54 AM
does any one race there FXX and have a under steering problem?

What mods? What track surface?
Pics of chassis?


2008.12.01, 07:48 AM
i run an fxx sometimes with the wheels that it came with. and if anything it oversteers. if you were running narower offset rims in the rear before you would get some understeer with the fxx rims because they have more offset.

2008.12.01, 10:01 PM
i use 20 dec. front and rear tire .top cad alu.wheel +1 front ,+3 rear. kyosho ball diff.
i run on hardwood flood. it can t make turn unless i almost come to a stop .

2008.12.02, 12:54 AM
OK, try to loosen the diff tension, put softer springs in the front. Softer H-bar in the rear and make sure everything is smooth with no bindings..
softer front wheels might also help

2008.12.02, 06:17 AM
Is your car all dusty after you run it? Hardwood floors are not real hard to setup for but what happens is the car picks up lots of dust then binding occurs and understeer or massive oversteer.

Some people have had luch with foam tires versus rubber. softening up the front and hardening the rear will give you a little more oversteer. You may also consider a harder rear tire and softer front.

You can also loosen the diff or go back to the stock diff. If you diff is not adjusted properly that could be the cause as well.


2008.12.04, 05:25 AM
i make a 7g front body mounting clip now my FXX can finally steer .
the weigth in the front make a big big different in driving in hardwood flood.
thank for all u help.

2008.12.04, 12:04 PM