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2008.12.02, 08:01 AM
Any plans for manufacturing an SAS kit that will eliminate the use of extensions when using 98mm?... the sas pro works perfect for 90mm and 94mm but once the extensions are used for 98mm it is very hard to get the gears lined up and the car tracking straight... the extensions make the car very sloppy and even if i am able to get it working its very hard to keep it working... i was wondering if there is any chance you will be making a 98mm SAS just like the original SAS?... Thank You...

2008.12.02, 10:53 AM
or is there any chance for the SAS pro kit that you can just recut the silver carbon fiber braces in a 98mm length and sell them?... with these being cut at 98mm they will work for both 94mm and 98mm just as the originals work for 90mm and 94mm...

2008.12.02, 11:40 AM
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