View Full Version : Futaba 3PJ w/ Hitec Module Help

2008.12.03, 03:29 AM
Can someone help me choose a good and cheap 75mhz hitec module that is compatible with the Futaba 3PJ? Will the Hitec LYNX 3D Module work?

Anyone have any experience with replacing with a 2.4ghz module and rx, will that affect the signal/response time?


2008.12.03, 06:51 AM
i have a hitec tx and use the futaba am module.
Using a hitec module will work in theFutaba.
Guys I race with use the Futaba 3pj with the mini z module (converted)

Since your looking for 75mhz (fm) it is not for a mini z right??

2008.12.03, 07:29 AM
thanks for the help, yes its not for the miniz, using it for my m18.