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2008.12.03, 03:35 PM

2008.12.21, 08:49 PM
The Reindeer Rumble was on last night. With nearly 30 racers and almost 40 entries, Inside Line Racing was busting at the seams. It was very crowded, almost standing room only. There was a lot of excitement.

We had a few new faces come out for the first time. Many of them always thought Mini-Z was for kids and not very tune-able, they learned these little things are pretty complex and fast. Hopefully they will be back.

Novice class podium finishers were in first dean, second JP, and third Peter. All three guys just started racing and got trophies. This is what RC racing is about, having the new guys have fun.

In the sportsman class, the man to beat for the past few weeks was Art B. He definitely has a bulls eye on his back. David Yu came this night prepared. David TQed in round two and took the pole position for the A main. We run 8-minute mains and for those 8-minute David and Art were glued to each others bumper. There were multiple lead changes. The race came down to the last hairpin. David was in the lead and Art went for it only to come up 2 seconds short. This was one of the best racers I have ever seen. Khanh also made a very good showing racing sportsman for the first time. He definitely showed that he belongs in this class.

In the expert class, it was once again the Scott Kimbrow show. The TQed and set the fastest lap of 9.36. Jaime M came close with a 9.41 in an AWD. We do triple A-main style for the experts and Scott ended up winning all three mains. The first two mains were close with the top four guys on the same lap. In the last main Scott got out very clean and never looked back.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to race our Reindeer Rumble. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching and racing. The future of Mini-Z looks bright with your support.

See you at the track.

2008.12.29, 02:05 PM
did we race any other classes that your forgetting about ??


2008.12.29, 02:07 PM
BTW: We had 4 racers on our bench plus 1 more that was not racing