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2008.12.04, 03:07 PM
Hi Brian,

Note that I've finally got some momentum with the club in regards to start participating in the HFAY series. I hopefully will be contacting soon about getting us signed up.

After reviewing all the papers, I have one question. Most of the guys race the PNWC and there are quite a few similarities between the series, which is good.

The question is:
Does removed windows out of a body count as excessive body modification?
Alot of guys run without windows to get down to the min. weight (PNWC) and also for cooling purposes.



2008.12.05, 10:14 AM

2008.12.05, 12:03 PM
In the PNWC, you need the original windows installed (although you can remove areas not seen from outside the car). Some of us have cars with lexan windows, which were not permitted at the PNWC event. I asked Philip himself about this...

2008.12.05, 12:12 PM
As far as I know, for HFAY you cannot trim any of the body for weight reduction. The only things I see people are allowed to do is shave the front lips to keep the cars from digging into walls. I think that the rule book is on the HFAY web site, you should be able to find what you are looking for there.

2008.12.05, 01:01 PM
you do need the windows installed. slight body modifications can be made to ensure your suspension doesn't bind and you can remove winglet and air dams so the bodies don't catch on the track.

2008.12.05, 06:14 PM
I would allow a car to race if it had some holes in the windows, but only if it's for suspension items to gain clearance and such. It's posted in the manual as a "judges discretion" scenario so I can't speak for all, but I would prefer to see at least the windshield and the side windows fully installed in the cars, and allow some drilling in the back window for shock clearance and such.

2008.12.06, 11:35 AM
thanks fellas.