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2008.12.05, 02:15 PM
Hi Everyone!

I race on an RCP Surface and am experimenting with setup (truth is, i just started upgrading my mr02 and tried a few setups at my last race).


Body - Calsonic R34
Knuckles - (-)1.5
T plate - Kyosho carbon medium
Motor Mount - PN Racing LCG stock rideheight
PN DPS - green/green springs

I found turn in to be a bit slow...any suggestions for more steering?

I have changed the setup a bit:

Stiffened the front end with PN gold springs (the gold springs for the DPS! HAHA!) and lowered the car about 1mm up front.

I am also running a purple damper spring under the damper (with a green ontop)

Will this give me more initial steering?
I dont know why the car is pushing so much, I figured the rear end was likely too soft...

Will this work?

What are other people's setups for more steering / a setup for a tighter track

2008.12.05, 07:37 PM
what diff and what tires? a harder ft spring will give you initial push

2008.12.05, 11:22 PM
If you want more steering, then you can try a softer front tire. You could also try a softer front spring as well.

The R34 JGTC Skyline is not known for agility either...

I would suggest getting a PN front spring kit, and a few sets of front tires. PN 8d, Kyosho 20d slick would be a good point to start.

Gear diffs packed with light grease tend to have a little more turn in than ball diffs.

2008.12.05, 11:49 PM
Hi Guys,

Sorry, I forgot to mention!
I run pn8s up front and pn6s out back.

Gear diff, light grease already :)

From my 1/10 experience, harder front springs give initial turn in, and start pushing in mid/exit corner.

Right now, I needed more initial turn in, so i had thought that following the above logic, harder springs would give me initial bite.

But what you mentioned makes sense. I'll definately snag a spring set and try to go softer.
Thanks for the tips! :D

What body has good agility? From reading the "best body" thread, the consensus seemed to be only the SC430 and the Mclaren. No other options out there? I kind of want my car to look less "cookie cutter" then the ones already running about on the track XD

2008.12.06, 12:11 AM
I like the F40, shaved out to 94mm (90mm body out of the box). It carries good speed through the corners, and works well on a tight track.

I dont know what driving style you have, so its a little tough to recommend a body. I figure that if you run 10th scale, you would probably like a smoother type of body that isnt as edgy.

I think you would like the Corvette C5R, which is a smooth body. Pretty good agility and stability in one package. Not as fast in the transitions as the Lexus, but carries good speed through the corners.

The F360GTC is also a good body. Has probably won the most races. I have yet to run this body though... I did run the original F360 and the F430 and liked both of them. Especially on a tight track, these should work well. They dont hang up on the boards much either. The Nissan 05 may also be good for you as well.

I am not really a fan for the Lexus or McLaren myself, not really my driving style. I do like the McLaren on the MR015, but not on the MR02.

2008.12.07, 09:11 AM
run a 07 350z with the diffuser cut out the back and the lip trimmed and you will be good. its just like running a protoform stratus in 10th sedan very neutral

2008.12.08, 08:21 PM
second that but i am running 96mm which is awesome in itself, really changes the car dynamics!! i rounded the corners of the front diffuser instead of cutting it off though, i think the diffuser makes a difference.

2008.12.21, 04:39 PM
what does it mean when people say "07 350z with the diffuser cut out the back"? What does this do? Pics? I'm looking for a new body to bash around ;)

2008.12.21, 05:53 PM
it then doesn't drag on the rcp track and cause miss handling

2008.12.22, 06:01 PM
the ferrari 360gtc is my only choice for 94mm.. its very neutral in its handling, just easy to drive fast with. the downside is that kyosho has discontinued the body..

but they have discontinued the mclaren several times before and it seems like as long as there are a high demand for a certain body they will continue to produce it. if they rerelease the 360gtc i will go back and try 94mm again without a doubt!

2008.12.22, 06:44 PM
I'm interested in trying the 360 GTC, so I hope you are right about rereleasing it. One of my 94mm cars is the F430 and its quickly becoming a favorite.

2008.12.23, 08:08 AM
Get the reflex racing wtf front end. The spring should be in the medium hard range. run -1 rims with pn15s. and reflex racing SSG on +3 rears. if more steering is needed then go softer front spring. Disk damper raised using an atomic 2.8mm spacer. I run a lexus sc430. The WTF improves corner speed.

Run the ball diff on the loose setting. Raise the front suspension knuckle with 2 0.030 washers.

This setup should allow you to handle good in the sweepers on and off throttle and break/power through the 180 corners with insane corner speed .

The rest of the speed will come with minor weight savings and a clean motor and good batteries.

2009.01.07, 10:10 AM
I think I bought the last pair of new 360GTC autoscales on the planet :D Paid 45.00 US each for them. Ouch. I too am sold on it's performance for 94mm.

It's odd that we both share an identical setup minus the choice in bodies but I have plenty of steering. Here' s what you could try. Take advantage of the ride height with your PN mount and adjust the rear to sit "slightly" higher than the front. This will shift more weight to the front which is also known as rake. Weight transfer at any scale is often overlooked and the benefits are tremendous. Good luck.

2009.01.25, 02:47 AM
From what I heard, the 360GTC has won the most races compared to any other mini-z body. Im too scared to run mine because they're so scarce.

My pick for 94mm is the Vodafone CLK DTM. The wheels that it comes with are too wide when you use this body on a 02, so I use 0 offset all around. The body is very stable but agile with my setup. But of course your results may vary.

My setup is as follows:
2deg knuckles
kyosho hard front springs
kyosho hard t-plate
20 deg tires all around