View Full Version : Xmod light kit for Z FD?

2008.12.05, 07:31 PM
Thinking of adapting XM light kit to a Z, but the dilema is how to mount the headlights into the open position pieces without sacrificing their swappability. Though of drilling the main light area until it connected with the screw hole, then maybe painting it some shiny color for reflection or stuffing some foil in there. To mount it, might have to fabricate a washer that would hold it in place since the screw post is longer than the body's hole for it.

Looking at Kyo light kit, I think its worth a try to simply cut off the RS connector and stick 2 wires to the motor's wires and have it draw power directly. I believe thats how Kyo kit works and the voltage cap might/should be same on the led board.


2008.12.09, 09:42 PM
Xm conector has 3 wires and Mini-z motor only for 2 wires. what ar you going to do with the XM extra wire and which are you going to conect to the Mini-z motor electic outlet from the PCB?:confused:

2008.12.10, 01:22 PM
Found a lil mod that removes the light dim effects and thus the extra wires, just have to figure out the correct way of doing it (since any good tutorial NEVER explicitely SHOWS what to solder with what). Then just connect the remaining 2 to the battery pack + and -.