View Full Version : Next meeting

2008.12.06, 11:25 AM
What about Sunday 28th December??????????

2008.12.06, 12:09 PM
The 28th is fine with me,plus we get to see everyones new toys! :D

2008.12.06, 12:12 PM
im not free then, 21st would be better for me.

2008.12.06, 04:32 PM
fine with me, you not got your lights sorted yet Bri?

Got mine now, and should have the ones that I've ordered by then too, and I've got a little surprise lined up for the next meet too.

2008.12.07, 09:41 AM
Can't wait! :D

2008.12.07, 11:25 AM
Lee is half of team Bash'n'Krash so can we do the 21st instead?

2008.12.07, 12:50 PM
I'm busy next sunday now (14th dec), but it's too late to book somewhere now anyway for then.

2008.12.07, 01:01 PM
Yeah we are down to 21st/28th Lee can't do the 28th,so how's everyone fixed for the 21st?

2008.12.07, 01:04 PM
I'm good for both :)

2008.12.07, 06:57 PM
21st would not be preferable for me, Christmas shopping an 'all, not likely to get paid until the Sat 20th for the Christmas period so i'll be shopping that Sunday i'd expect, 28th would be better for me.
Is the 3 hr enduro teams only? or can we race alone?
Sorry to be a spanner :(

2008.12.12, 06:55 PM
anymore on this... the 28th is impossible for me but i really wana come to the enduro...

2008.12.12, 07:45 PM
Ok guys & girl.....there is no room available for the 21st!!!! so its got to be the 28th...... now its gonna be a shame if you cann't make it Lee because you stand a chance of the under 16 prize(autoscale) in the HFAY large track stock race.
Further details to follow.

2008.12.13, 07:17 AM
ah great.... :(
btw, any chance we could get the meets booked earlier in future please?

2008.12.13, 08:13 AM
Sorry guys, i might not be able to make it at all now :(
We're going to my parents for a few days after Christmas and we were going to go for new years, but my son is now working and only has 28th, 29th and 30th off, all other days he's working, even boxing day :( :(
so once again fate has bit me in the ass.
Things might change, but i'm not hopeful, i'll let you know.
Feel like a kid that can't play with his toys :(
Sorry guys.

2008.12.13, 01:43 PM
It's a shame my place isn't bigger tbh. The previosu shop was big enough for the two regular tracks and pits.