View Full Version : Kyosho,P/N,Atomic Ball Diff. help....

2008.12.07, 11:10 AM
Between the three Ball diffs are there any much difference besides the price?Kyosho the more pricey?is that the choice?

2008.12.07, 11:14 AM
I only use PN Ceramic diffs. I like them the best. I have used Kyosho Atomic everything. PN is the smoothest and quietest IMO.


2008.12.07, 11:48 AM
I prefer it Kyosho, so I guess it is all about the sensations you can feel.
I believe only you decide witch you like better when you try them. One thing sure is that both PN Racing and Kyosho differentials work just perfect.

2008.12.07, 11:57 AM
i prefer the PN diff over all the others because eventually you are going to swith to 64 pitch gears and with the PN diff there is no modifications required

2008.12.07, 12:08 PM
I haven't tried Kyosho diffs, but between Atomic, 3Racing and PN, PN is the best!

I have the 64 pitch gears, but haven't installed yet. Does the 3Racing diff need modification for this like ATM???

2008.12.07, 12:13 PM
not sure i 've only tried the three biggies and i love the the PN,although i do have a couple of modified kyosho's that are very smooth as well

2008.12.07, 12:15 PM
thanks guys for your inputs.p/n it is.i have heard nothing but good things about the Kyosho & P/N ball diffs,not much on the Atomics.So i will try the P/N ball Diff.

2008.12.07, 04:54 PM
Best diffs:
1.Atomic V2: No modification necessary to install the 64 pitch, comes with titanium shafts, best quality rings outside of Kyosho
2.Kyosho: If it wasn't for the price point and the fact that it needs to be modded to work with the 64 pitch, this would definitely be tops.
3.3Racing: Price is great, can be as good as the Kyosho by just replacing the stock O-ring with a Kyosho one. No mod needed to install the PN 64 pitch, the 3R titanium shaft is by far the best on in the market, but it is optional.
4.PN Racing: Several reasons why I don't think this diff is the best. Starting with, it seems to be the roughest one out of the package. You can work it, but I think the quality of their pressure plates leaves some to be desired, even after sanding. I have a couple of these and they are by no means as smooth as my Atomic Diffs, with the same treatment. Comes with a heavy stainless steel shaft. The plus is that it does include ceramic balls already and is the easiest to find.

2008.12.07, 05:25 PM
I do like the ATM vII a little better than the PN. It is easier to adjust by hand, as the PN adjustment nut is a little small and hard to reach. As Cristian stated, it comes with a Ti-shaft preinstalled, so all you need is ceramic balls, and your good to go. The ATM diff also does not need any modification to go 64p.

I use the Avid ceramic balls in my ATM diffs with 64p conversion, and do prefer them to PN. And they are also cheaper. I prefer the Acid ceramic balls to the PN balls as well. They seem to be a little smoother. I like the PN diffs when I dont want to wait to get my parts... But thats a different story altogether.

One thing that I dont like about the Kyosho diff is that the plates will start to slip a little, and require a little more maintenance. I like the D lock plates that ATM and PN use.

2008.12.07, 05:27 PM
One diff not mentioned previously which I believe is not very popular or easy to find (seems to me?) is the GPM. I have a GPM and a PN, and the GPM's action is great but its very noisy. The car will roll for a mile off the throttle, the cars bearings and diff balls are smooth, the problem is that you can hear it from a mile away. The PN is by far very quiet, but the action seems more firm and not as loose if that makes sense.

I think something that plays a big part in the performance of the diff is the maintenance and care it recieves. Something that being a non serious mini-Z hobbyist would easily overlook is greasing/cleaning the diff and sanding the pressure plates like mentioned before by Cristian. I myself have not gotten this far in tuning my 2 cars, but it's something I'm going to take into account in the near future. I've been making alot of tuning changes on cars and its crazy how small changes can affect things in a huge way.

BTW...what is a good grease WT suggestion if you're using the Kyosho greases? I know 30000WT seems popular...

2008.12.08, 03:55 PM
For me Kyosho with mod for 64 pitch gears and ceramic balls. I have that combo on all 3 of my cars. I agree with Cristian on the quality of the plates. I have a diff going on 3 years of use -- the thing is bulletproof and very smooth. Just routine sanding of diff plates and lube. Make sure not to thread wheels nuts too tight as this crushes the thrust bearing.

2008.12.08, 08:25 PM
on a side note i have purchased two PN diffs about a month apart, the first one is still in my car untouched, the second one has been nothing but problems it seems like they chrome plated the plates and it chipped off on both sides???? i replaced them with the upgraded ones from PN and have had no issues since. so it seems there was a bad batch of plates somewhere along the line.

2008.12.08, 08:50 PM
ive only used the kyosho and the pn.....pn ceramic diffs are smooth out of the bag........with a little t l c an a 800 grit water stone
my diffs are as smooth as silk....i do this only once and then normal service cleaning....
the action from the pn cer diff as apposed to the ky diff is much better and easier to find a happy point....:D

2008.12.09, 03:44 PM
Of the 3, Kyosho is alright if you want to install a diff right out of the pack, but PN is hands down the very best. Take all 3 diffs apart and examine them. It is almost unbelievable how precision the parts are machined on the PN diff. The Atomic is by far the worst. Mine was SO bad the adjusting nut was threaded crooked. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't adjust the diff properly. If you get a PN diff with bad plates, just sand the chrome off. You should be sanding the plates before using any diff anyway.

2008.12.10, 09:20 PM
What are 64 pitch gears? google doesn't seem to have an explanation.

2008.12.10, 09:29 PM
What are 64 pitch gears? google doesn't seem to have an explanation.

The teeth are smaller, making them mesh smoother. Less resistance, more power to the wheels. The cars coast better as well. I use them on all my cars besides F1.

2008.12.14, 01:28 AM
Atomic V2 with PN 64-pitch and PN ceramic balls.

2008.12.14, 06:20 PM
V2 is probably the best bang for the buck. It is also
the only manufacturer outside of K that you can
actually just plug in out of the box. I prefer to use
K diffs with Ti shafts and stock gearing though.

Buy a pack of K o-rings, ball diff grease, and some
of those spacers and you'd be set.

I've never had any problems with K or atomic diffs.
Just be careful when you break them down and
reassemble them.

Just recently I've had a spat with a few bad PN diffs
with the chrome coating on the rings :rolleyes:...

Have stayed away from GPM since my xmods days.

In general, it'd probably be a good idea to stay away
from the out-tuned diffs that they offer and that
Kawada offer...


2008.12.14, 07:09 PM
I have used the Kawada diff, it works very well... but if you need to change the rear wheels... its as much of a pain as the 3Racing outer tune. Good in theory, but I would rather have the tuning nut, and be able to tune and leave it tuned.

2008.12.16, 12:10 AM
Have stayed away from GPM since my xmods days.

lol...mine came on the car when I purchased it used. It works pretty well on the car its on so its just one of those things...don't touch it until it needs to be messed with. I clean it from time to time.

I didnt quite get an answer to my last question.

Does everyone who uses Kyosho diff grease usually use the 30000WT? I plan on getting some for christmas, and Kenon and Reflex show that their out of it. They do have 15000WT in stock though....

What do you guys suggest?