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2008.12.07, 05:59 PM
What are the popular offsets when running the Super with 98 mm.

I have 0 all around as of now. Thinking about keeping 0 in the front and going to +1 in the rear.
What do you think?
PS: I do not have a WTF kit in the car.


2008.12.07, 08:36 PM
Cody, i dont think the off-set matters. Its more how the car feels to you. Since you have 0 all around (which i run on my cars at times), try 1 rear, o front. Then try 1 front/back...etc...see what feels good on track. Can do the same with bodies also. After you like what feels good to you, then keep wheel off-set the same and try different bodies to see if it feels better/worse.;):)

2008.12.07, 09:25 PM
Thats pretty much what I do. I think the body can fit 1n in the front and 2w rears...

For a 94mm car I usually like 0n/1w. I have tried wider rear offsets, but I feel that they take away a little too much agility. I was testing out the F40 with 3w in the rear, and it doesnt rotate the way I like it to. After the rear tires wear out, I am going to switch to 1w.

What wheelbase are you running the car in? That can also change what offsets you would want to use. A longer wheelbase tends to do better with a wide rear offset than a shorter wheelbase does.

2008.12.08, 01:43 PM
ATM it is at 98 mm.


2008.12.21, 04:32 PM
How do you folks like this body? It seems that since this body dominated the worlds, it has to be pretty good. How does it compare to let's say an Enzo when stretched out to 98mm? I am considering this body once manufacturing catches up to demand.

2008.12.22, 01:49 PM
After running it last night at 98 I am not going to ru nany other body.

I was running the Mclaren before the GT. Before I made the bosy switch the ass end was loose. It felt like the rear was tweaked. Ocassionally it would turn in to much. The car was not consistent at all.

Believe it or not. When I made the body switch, the car was actually pushing which I liked. The car was a lot more stable and in the end faster. The car was much more consistent, and I loved how it felt. Keep in mind I didnt make any changes to the car when I made the body switch except for gluing the sidewall of my front tires.


2008.12.22, 05:47 PM
i try to run the widest rear offset i can without the tires hitting the fender wells,in the front on this body i run +1 but again it depends on if the the tires are going to hit the wells