View Full Version : Racing Saturday 12/13... HFAY Big Track Event...

2008.12.08, 02:14 PM
It's going to be an all-day affair I'm sure, but well worth it! A good portion of the DC Crew are going to pay us a visit for the day, so it should be some great racing! I have the track set up currently, so I will hold a test and tune on Thursday night. I'll open up at 6pm.

3 classes for Saturday, HFAY Stock, HFAY F1 (all S6 HFAY VTRs apply) & Mod Class... so it will be alot like how we used to do it back at Schlegel. All times are going on the HFAY website for this inaugural event so make sure you're on top of your game!

I'll open up at 8:30am Saturday so get there early if you want some practice. We'll start the heats probably around 1pm and just burn through them. The parking situation isn't too bad, but feel free to park down by the road on the grass, or up back on my neighbor's driveway off to the side.

If anyone else needs directions, let me know and I'll get them out to you ASAP.

2008.12.14, 10:01 AM
ed, i apollogize for not being able to make it yesterday. i had one of those arguments with my spouse as to what constitutes advance prior notice as she claims to not recall me telling here i was going to go to pa to race. it was one of those areguments that you can't win and still leave :(

2008.12.14, 10:29 AM
I couldn't make it either due to family commitments, Sunday(today) would have been a better day for me. Oh well, there's always the BTE next June.
Can't wait for HFAY Season 7 to start !:D

2008.12.14, 10:32 AM
Arch, i cant believe that could happen!!!:eek:;) You were missed by all of us.

Good to see the Viginia/DC crew that made it up. You guys all rock! Alot of good talent in racing. To bad we dont live closer.:( Altho i dont know if i could race that intense all the time.:D Good to see all and hope your trip home was good.

Good to see all our crew together at one time. Made for some great racing!!

2008.12.14, 01:01 PM
i guess that is what happens when i use ms office calendar to track my schedule and she apparently never saved the invites to hers or bothered to look at them.

2008.12.14, 07:36 PM
Arch, sorry to see that you weren't able to make it for this race.. Me, Matt and Ringer were wondering where you were, I was going to call but I left you're cell phone number at my house..

Larry, running the HFAY racer class with you was great, I love racing when it's that close and the slightest mistake can mean you're out of first place.. We'll definately have to get together again soon and run..

I'd like to thank Ed for hosting this event at his house and for letting us use his basement to run our cars.. Hopefully in the near future we can get to go back up there and run, I had a great time..

2008.12.14, 10:54 PM
There will always be more racing Arch... I don't think I'm going anywhere soon! Had a great time yesterday too, Core ran flawlessly all day and the track was near perfect too. It gets crowded down there a bit, but we all seemed to fit in pretty well (and nobody whacked their heads on anything!).

I look forward to the next race with you guys as always... I think I'm giving up on chasing Matt though... fair to say that he is cleaner than I with the F1 now. I held him off for a while, but not the whole race.

Great driving by all... I'll post all the sheets when the results go up on HFAY. It's really cool how close we all are in the lap times.

Cyall soon!

Old Crow
2008.12.15, 04:57 PM
Great racing, good to see the DC/VA crew.

Communication is important, and needs to be frequent with the wife....

2008.12.15, 05:04 PM
Thanks alot to all the PA guys for letting us come up and have some fun, it was great racing and alot of laughs. We will have to get together for the next BTE. It was good hanging out with you guys, I cant wait till the next time.:D