View Full Version : Ebay hits itself on the head with the stupid stick, again...

2008.12.08, 05:11 PM
Ok, so I get to the point were I NEED cash, need food, need to pay a bill before forclosuer etc... So I decide to sell my entire heroquest collection (an old board game from the '80's), worth about $500-$800 depending on bidder... I type up the auction, go to list it... and ebay says I am restricted from selling. I have 100% possitive feed back...

They have recently enacted a new policy, that I still am finding it hard to understand since its based on 30 days, but maybe 12 months unless its a full moon on friday then it goes by twinky filling content. It all sounds like some drunk monkey thought it up...

Anyway aparently the DNS DNR DSR whatever the frack rating each person that buys from you gives you can prevent you from being able to sell at all... I am aparently 0.1 or so points under on one of the 4 ratings (shipping time, even though I mention in my auctions I am slow shipping things out) -- I am almost positive this is from someone that tried to rip me off in italy... paypal ruled in my favor, and the guy wound up just giveing me my $ and admiting that he got the item.

So if this is not stupid enough already, it gets worse... It can be abused!

Want to sell something but there is some one else that sells the same thing as you, and he sells it cheaper? or maybe you just hate another ebay user?

Buy an item from him, whether you pay for it or not... and give him a 0 rating, to drop his average below 4.1... then ebay will not let him sell anything. Even the Live Help guy said "Yea that is possible, feel free to send in a complaint" yea that will do a lot of good. They recomend you create a new acount to sell something..................... again even worse...

2008.12.08, 05:43 PM
I’ve been selling on ebay for a few years. The one thing I have noticed is that their rules get dumber by the day. A new gem is that as a seller you cant give negative feedback. They claim this lets the buyers leave more honest feedback. The only thing this does is let the buyers hold feedback like ransom.:mad: I don’t know if you also noticed there new listing fees trick. They lowered listing fees but double final value fees. It use to cost me 40.00 as a final value fee to sell a car its now 125.00.:eek: Finally you send a complaint and all you get back is a form letter response. :confused:

2008.12.08, 06:43 PM
It is time for another Online Auction site to compete with ebay...

2008.12.09, 07:29 PM
Ebay is getting ridiculous.

Problem is, if you create a new account to sell, you won't get half of what you would have gotten because you'll scare away potential buyers because you're a new user and have zero feedback.

2008.12.09, 08:18 PM
This is why I try and sell my Z stuff here in the forums before dealing with ebay. One thing that gets me, is they own PayPal, same company. So your hit twice. First with ebay seller fee's, than second with PayPal fees. The more your item sold for, the more PP takes from you for that transaction. At least PayPal has the appropiate initials, "PP".
Anyway, ebay suck's for sellers, but can be a great place to find those rare items. As a seller, it's my last resort.
Another problem with starting a new account, is you can't transfer your old feedback to it so you loose whatever positive feedback you've earned. As Jude sais, people ignore 0 feedback.

2008.12.09, 08:46 PM
Happened to me- just made a new account and brushed the old one off. If you list the item professionally, then your feed doesn't really matter given serious bidders. So if you have plenty of gmail invites, go at it! You can use the same user info or fake a name; same PP adress as ebay doesn't care; can always tell buyers to pay to _ PP adress instead of one in ebay account. I feel you 100%, but if your account got hammered like that, just move on and spam new ones.