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2008.12.08, 09:18 PM
Hi all,

If this is okay with the mods, I'd like to take the liberty to get a thread going on miniz body observations and handling traits. We have a really great thread specifically about "the best body" for mini-z, and many of people's preferences.

But for all intensive purposes, this thread is designed only for strictly observations (ie: one body is more stable than another). If I am not stepping on anyone's toes, I'll compile all the information about every body that's entered, create a single post and request that to be posted as a sticky by the mods.
This particular sticky can be updated as more bodies are released.

We can follow a format for body postings...for example:

Body: Calsonic R34
Wheelbase: 94mm
Test platform: 94mm MM config
Wheel offset: 1n/1w
Observations: understeers on corner entry, lots of body roll, pivots nicely on exit (this is all made up...not a true observation)
Durability: bad/average/good
Overall Handling: understeer/neutral/oversteer

We can discuss weight distribution about the body itself, and perhaps dimensions (is it taller than average, wider than average?) and it's suitability on RCP (since most people run RCP here), and by that i mean how it catches walls (or not).

Hopefully this will be helpful to all readers!
We have a motherload of info on this site, and many members have been in t his hobby for so long that they are just oozing with great info. Why not centralize it--especially for something that makes as large as an impact as a body!

2008.12.08, 09:47 PM
fyi, there have been threads like this started over the past 7 years however, like most compiled infomration threads, they get forgotten, not updated, etc. and fade into history. if you are willing to put in the time to complete a thorough database, i'll be more than happy to make it sticky.

i would suggest by doing some research into finding the past data collected. for example, there is a thread just for the inserts that come with autoscales that provide data for that body.

2008.12.09, 08:24 AM
I think it would be a great idea! I agree with what arch2b said. I'd like to see it with pics as well.


2008.12.10, 01:48 PM

Does anyone want to volunteer some information on bodies they have owned/currently use?

I will compile information I find in searches..

2008.12.11, 11:06 AM
here's a link... from... waaaay back... it's a bit old and needs updating... feel free to add your thoughts about it on the thread... hope this helps...