View Full Version : HFAY Season 6 Final Standings

2008.12.09, 09:09 PM
I have updated the HFAY website with the final standings for Season 6.


Congratulations to the winners.

it was some great close battles for position this season. I'm looking forward to then next on.

2008.12.10, 08:15 AM
Looks like I owe Ryan a new RTR... Great job dude!

I'll PM you later on this Brian.

If any of the other teams want to hook up their 16U crew with some gear, I'm sure they'd appreciate it! Most of us used to be in the same predicament they are in today... high skills, and a low budget. So throw'em a set of tires or something right? If anyone else would like to donate gear to the 16U prize brigade, PM me with what you have and we'll try to sort it out.

Congrats to all on an excellent Season... Really went back and forth in F1 there for a while! And major congratulations to Brad from Mini-AZ, way to drive it!

Congratulations to all! It seems like the lap counts are starting to bunch up alot tighter now then when we first started out... so I'm guessing everyone is getting better for sure.

Oh... and DC crew, see you Saturday for the BTE! We here at DOW owe you one! :D

2008.12.10, 04:49 PM
for the winners in the F1 Class I'll need to get your addresses so I can send out the trophies.

2008.12.10, 06:40 PM
hot damn guys, great job! looks like dc gtg is making a streak out of club champs:)