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2008.12.11, 06:20 PM
I've wrote some code for another website that works out peoples age from their DOB.

So, to save me keep updating the site, can peeps tell me their birthday's please?

PM if you like. :)

Also, I will set someone up to wish happy birthday to people on their birthday on the main page of the site. :D How cool?


2008.12.12, 08:06 AM
May 14th 1977 :)

2008.12.12, 11:09 AM
1st september 1994.

2008.12.13, 02:19 AM
12th October 1974 - I'd be interested to know how accurate your program is Tom, maybe you could also include in it, the person's star sign, what "animal" year it was according to the chinese calendar, you know, the other kinds of things that you would have to work out and wouldn't just be able to say straight off.

2008.12.14, 11:36 AM
My programming is very accurate. :P

Working out the starsigns and such would be easier than working out the birthday lol. It's just a case of saying "if there Birthday is between x and y" then "their starsign is Libra".

The birthday took some thinking...

year difference = now - their birth year
month difference = now - their birth month
day difference = now - their birth date

then we go onto to work it out...

If their month difference is less than zero then decrement the year difference by 1.

If not, then is the month difference equal to 0 and the day difference is less than zero, decrement year difference by 1.

I'm not being funny when I say this, but I don't think working out their star sign or chinese year is really nessasary to our website. :|

2008.12.14, 11:44 AM
maybe not, but was just interested from a fellow programmers point of view.

2008.12.14, 12:23 PM
Cool, I didn't know you were a programmer to be honest. What sort've stuff you done?

2008.12.14, 12:29 PM
The last thing i did was a program for the shop to take a template web page and alter certain parts. I have a database of over 70,000 items that I can have on the website at any one time, and to code each page would literally take forever, but the program I wrote, does it in about 5 minutes, then it takes about an hour and half to upload the whole thing.

2008.12.14, 12:35 PM
Oh right, so a content management system. :P That's cool. What language did you write it in?

2008.12.14, 12:42 PM
I used liberty basic, kind of like Visual Basic in that you can use boxes, but you can also use it like old languages as a simple text based thing. I started programming on a 48k spectrum over 20 years ago, but it's so stressfull.

2008.12.14, 01:13 PM
Oh right, cool. I've not heard of that language to be honest. My programming knowledge lies on the internet with PHP. I know of other languages but not too many:

VB and VB.net, C, C++, C#, Java, ActionScript and ASP are ones I've heard of and experienced.

I did some work with VB last year on my degree and didn't really approve. I prefer command line I think. GUI's just make things harder than they need to be in my opinion lol. >.< There's enough to cope with as it is, without having to learn interfaces!

I also did some command line C++ which was alright. Gotta love PHP though! It works so well with SQL and HTML and CSS output it perfectly!

Well, I think so! :D