View Full Version : 843 RC Raceway Scheduling

Ed Roberts
2008.12.11, 08:25 PM
Our first club race will be on 12-13-08 at 1pm, track opens for practice at 11am. There is no fee for racing at our first club race and we will be buying pizza for lunch. Hope to see you there.

2008.12.12, 07:06 AM
Congratulations Ed on getting up and running. Your efforts will be rewarded.

2008.12.12, 10:08 AM
Looking foward to racing at 843 see ya there soon.

Daddy Rabbit
2008.12.17, 07:44 PM

Congrads on everything, I will see you at the race this Saturday.
Do you have a schedule for the Saturdays thru the holidays?

Ed Roberts
2008.12.17, 08:01 PM
Ya we are going to race start though the holidays

Track opens for practice at 11am and race starts at 2pm.

Ed Roberts
2008.12.22, 01:23 PM
This coming Sat. the 27th we will be starting a new class (Sportsman) for the guys just starting out and the guys that are working on their speed. This is for the guys that have not hit 19 laps in 5 mins yet. Once you hit 19 laps in 5 mins you will be moved to the Expert/Pro class. This will make for some fun racing for these guys.

2009.01.02, 10:46 AM
Do you have rules posted anywhere? I may have missed them if so where can I get them?