View Full Version : Ever wanted to race a shelf-queen? DO IT!

2008.12.12, 12:40 AM
I'm sure a good deal of you guys heard of The Invisible Shield (http://www.zagg.com/support/whatis.php), but may not have tried it due to 20-25$ price point for rather small sizes or alternative means of electronics' protection. What you may not have known is that the stuff is not only very elastic, but sticks extremely well and hard without any glue/leaving residues. Zagg.com often clears some of their inventory for as low as $5 with free, 1-week shipping.

Now that you catch my drift, the recepie is simple- buy a set for a large device to yield the biggest area possible; custom cut it to fit "stress" or high bump areas of your car; and race the babe to your heart's content!

The material is extremely tough and will soak up wall/furniture/other car hits with ease. Its perfectly clear, so even though it will protrude a little bit, you will see all the details and paintjobs underneath. It can stretch a little to accomodate all minor to medium curves and also sticks fairly well to itself. I've never had the prior pleasure of such a screen guard material and it clearly has a wide range of uses besides the primary one.

I'm working on mildly wrapping my white FD body according to the plan and will post pix later (doin it alongside other things), but the results will be very pleasing.