View Full Version : GP AAA Batteries

2008.12.12, 11:41 AM
My GP batteries + tip turn redish...

1) When bought it is black in colour then it turned redish, why is it so???

2) Can it still be used without damaging my car???

2008.12.15, 08:53 PM
They are not supposed to change color.:confused:
Can you specify where this color change occurred?
If you are referring to the positive pole end, they should be silver color as metal on both ends.

2008.12.22, 03:22 AM
Well the positive pole is metallic but around it is either black or white, but mine turned to redish...

However, my chaRGER did not classify it as spoiled.

2008.12.22, 08:58 PM
I had one set of them and as I remember, they were silver on both ends, perhaps you have a set produced in a different factory than the ones I had. Your charger most probably wont registers them as damage unless the polarity is reversed or the batty is totally out.
I have tried this GP batty and really didnít like them; compared to other brands they have no punch as wear out very fast compared to other brands. Do you like them?