View Full Version : Matsushima Mini-Z practice days

2008.12.13, 01:46 AM
the track will be open this sunday december 14 2008 for practice in preperation for the up coming points series in so-cal
track hours : noon till 10 pm
track fee :10.00 special test day

2008.12.14, 12:19 PM
the track will be open @ noon today:D

2008.12.15, 02:41 AM
Matsushima Mini-Z would like to congratulate Bong for winning the last race for fun @ Matsushima Mini-z in 2008
we had a good day of fun with 10 drivers working on there 70 turn PanCar set ups
the previous 70 turn record was set by Drew @ 10.8 sec......Philip Ng stoped by and droped it down to a 10.7.....then i went out to bring it down to a 10.6..
nobody was driving mod PanCar today but me so.... my prev lap record was 10.0
with the blistering fast PNWC mod mtr....i was able to best that lap record....i broight it down to ....9.6....
all in all it was a great day and a good look in to the future;)
Matsushima PanCar points series will begin January 31, 2009
as it goes rt now it will be a 6 race series @ multiple locations....
Matsushima Mini-Z in Upland CA as well as Kenon RcRc in Arcadia CA
more info to come.......
Also.... there will be A best of show contest.....i am tired of seeing white bodies racing out on the track
Get ready.....its gonna be a PanCar ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D