View Full Version : Sunday 28th December Race Meeting

2008.12.14, 08:12 PM
Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

8.00/ racer (including hot dogs &/or burgers, the Sarah flying saucer type)..... newcomers free. Non competitors can buy dogs or burgers @ 1 each.

Racing F1 & MiniZ/Iwaver/Xmods

HFAY LARGE TRACK EVENT..... 3 x 10 minute races Stock Open & F1, in the afternoon, then 3 hour endro starting 5.30.

You can still bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. Georgie Forman will be in attendance as normal. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours).

2008.12.15, 03:09 PM
I'm there. Obbbviously.

There's also the matter of championship prizes. I'll bring in my prizes (as daft as it seems lol) and do all that properly. I'll also be bringing a little something for 2nd and 3rd and a even little-er something for everyone else.

Not much, but something. Next seasons prizes will be much better though. :D

2008.12.18, 08:13 AM
Headlights and underground lighting came in this morning, 9.99 each.

I'm cooking on the day, the local A&E have been informed. Will be cooking fmr 4.30pm to give me enough time to cook and everyone enough time to eat and digest before the 3 hour marathon.

Can you please let me know if you want cheese melting on your burger. I normally use a thick-ish slice of edam which just about fits the burger and tops it really nice with a bit of mayo and ketchup.

The new shop is open, and the link should be somewhere on my profile if not in my signature.


2008.12.18, 08:46 AM
What are your stores opening hours, Sarah?

I like cheeseburgers! :D

2008.12.18, 09:03 AM
Normal opening times should be

Tuesday 10am - 5/6pm
Weds 10am - 1pm - half day
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5/6pm

opening times over xmas, will be here Tuesday, Saturday, then back again first Thursday after new year, Sam would kill me if I did any more, and not enough people know I'm here yet to justify opening up any more than those days.

2008.12.19, 10:38 AM
we will be there:)

2008.12.19, 11:44 AM
Thought you'd be coming, that's why i've sent of my awd yet, will bring it along with me to the next meet.

Jayce, have the post office found my bodyshell yet?

2008.12.19, 12:15 PM
Still not had a reply yet.I will chase them up on monday.

2008.12.19, 08:34 PM
we will be there:)

Nice one:)....looking forward to seeing you all.... have a good Christmas.

2008.12.20, 09:08 AM
same here and you too:D

2008.12.26, 04:56 PM
Shaun is still having net problems and asked me to ask if anyone has a spare KT-14/iwaver antenna they would sell?
Failing this has someone got a complete KT-5 he can borrow on sunday please?

2008.12.27, 10:54 AM
okie doke guys change of plan- im coming full time tomorow :D cant wait, should be great fun!

2008.12.27, 05:13 PM
Fitted my lights tonight, need to do a bit of a rewire to get both sets in, and the surprise I had in store isn't going to happen now :(

I had wanted to fit a circuit so that when the lights in the room went off, the lights on my car came on automatically, but something is wrong. I have the circuit in my car (someone on a yahoo group made one for me) but for some reason it's not working, I really should have tested it sooner but not had the chance till tonight.

2008.12.27, 05:24 PM
at least you got lights lol, ive only got 1 headlight and 2 tail lights!

2008.12.27, 06:14 PM
well I've got some more here, but it looks like there's a problem with them, the switches aren't working. I thought it must have just been something I did to one set, but I've opened up another and the same thing is happening.

2008.12.27, 07:05 PM
hmnmm thats wierd :S mine are just simply screw in and go, no on/off switch :( ah well, they'll get the job done.

2008.12.29, 01:33 AM
Wow!, I've managed to get about 6 hours sleep since yesterday, but I am absolutely knackered after that 3 hour race!

Another brilliant day, thanks Bri and everyone.

Dates for next month, I'm racing at Tamworth next Sunday, and the Marston club with my recoil on the 25th, although, if this is the only date available, I'll give that a miss.

2008.12.29, 07:06 AM
Sorry we left early. I wasn't in the best of moods!

Here's yesterdays piccies. I'll get the new profiles up as soon as my exams pass.


2008.12.29, 07:59 AM
cool pics devil boy;)
who won the 3hr enduro?
oh i hope you dont mind me nicking a couple of pics for our forum?

2008.12.29, 09:39 AM
Looks like i wasn't the only one with the glow-in-the-dark idea!
So who won the endurance then?

2008.12.29, 09:53 AM
Me :D

I came back form about 20 laps down, to being 18 laps in the lead and only me and Bri finished in the end. I also did about 2 hours on three tyres, and had no tread on my front tyres at the finish.

Sorry, that should read "had no tread on my front TYRE at the finish"

2008.12.29, 10:31 AM
cool pics devil boy;)
oh i hope you dont mind me nicking a couple of pics for our forum?
Thanks, my dad took some too and yeah, borrow away. No probs.

2008.12.29, 10:39 AM
Congratulations Sarah! How many teams/people started the race?

2008.12.29, 11:05 AM
thanks tom,ive just linked back to the sruk site,its easier lol

2008.12.29, 01:10 PM
Congratulations Sarah! How many teams/people started the race?

Thanks Jayce.

From memory, me, Liam, Bri, Tom and Tony - the only team, then some kid that was ultra fast that hadn't been before, but he only raced during the first lighted section as he didn't have lights in his car.

2008.12.29, 01:33 PM
Following on from yesterday's endurance race, how about we run a similar one the weekend or round about the weekend of the le mans 24hour we're we run similar bodyshells like the VDS type?

The next "special" meet which I think will be April, could be the F1 big track to coincide with the start of the new F1 season too.

2008.12.29, 05:47 PM
Endurance Race Result
Winner.............Sarah 770laps 180minutes
Second............Brian 752laps 180minutes
Did not finish
......................Lee 486laps 158minutes
......................Rob 309laps 60minutes
......................Tom/Tony 287laps 65minutes

Rob is way way way under 16 and was fastest by far.....but unfortunately had to be home and in bed by 7.30!!!!! so could not finish. Tom had an exam on January 5th and had to leave early as well!!! Lee??? well he was racing a 2.4 and when the 3 hours was up he was still trying to reverse off the barrier on a tricky section of track.
Lee and Ryan (Salt Lake Mini Z) will have stiff competition in the under 16 HFAY championship next season if Rob decides to race Mini Z instead of 1/10th.

2008.12.30, 02:34 PM
Haha, Bri. :P

Yeah, that little fella was fast. At the point he left, he had about 30-40 laps on everyone!

His dad said he was a nateral, and qualifies in the 1/10 B mains, nationally.

2008.12.31, 06:52 AM
glad i managed to come! hfay was great, shame i had to pull out the enduro i guess but i did get a funky light kit! well done sarah tho, it was a good race.

2009.01.03, 03:21 PM
Man sooo gutted, looks like it was a good day, missed our championship final, missed Germany, missed my own clubs enduro, gutted, totally gutted, and now i sit here with a pooey cold, bunged up and sore nose from blowing it all the time :( and spent the last 2 days sorting the bloody computer cause it died :( :( :(
I really hope the next one is a date i can make, all my batteries are gonna be dead!...lol
You know what, i kinda miss you guys ya know :(