View Full Version : New PN Racing Mini-Z MR015/02 Dual T-Plate's

2008.12.16, 06:03 PM
Came across these while looking around on PN's website{RC Kenon}.. They appear to be a new design for T-plates.. They're made for both the MR-02 and MR-015 and they come in soft, medium and hard versions.. Part numbers are MR-2026{Soft}, MR-2025{Medium}, and MR-2024{Hard}...

2008.12.16, 07:37 PM
Remind me of the old MR01 'O' plates. Guess I need to pick up a couple and see what they do...

2008.12.16, 08:54 PM
these are revisions of h plates made LONG ago. mzr had o plates made ages ago.

hold onto a design long enough and it's new again:rolleyes:

2008.12.16, 08:58 PM
I just saw those yesterday. They look very breakable...and while I've never broke a T-plate ever, I've heard from the more experienced, harder drivers have so I'm guessing these are probably for special use. CF is pretty tough though...its yield strength is more than high enough to be flexible and durable at the same time.

They must be super soft for alot of feel in the handling of the car.

2008.12.17, 01:22 PM
I think that's just the soft plate pictured since there's ~4mm of total beam material. Though this does seem like a rehash, higher roll stiffness and less bump stiffness makes the car feel more aggressive. Almost like running a harder T-plate but with the on-power traction of a softer one.

2009.01.09, 01:32 PM
I wonder if these runs stiffer or softer than original "T" or "H" designs?

2009.01.09, 01:59 PM
I wonder if these runs stiffer or softer than original "T" or "H" designs?

as far as suspension travel it is almost the same.....it is stiffer for the return to ctr.....it makes for a quicker change of directions
on my PanCar i originally used the med std h plate and in this version i also use the med.....also use this new High Clamp Force T-Bar Mount makes for a whole new positive feel:D

2009.01.09, 02:37 PM
for a trip back into time, take a look at the mzr v plate (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=16677) which is a hybrid o/t plate made when the mr-02 first arrived. i have not seen or used one of these in years but it seem that pn ise revisiting the o plate concept. it's been around since the early days of the mr-01, mzr sold mr-01 o plates ages ago, as did a xouple others.

2009.01.10, 10:51 PM
Looks like old GPM plates.

2009.01.11, 12:38 AM
My track only had the soft left... I tried it, but it was too soft for my setup. I think the medium would have been good. The car did transition faster on switchbacks, and recentered evenly... Its a little early to say if I like it or not. But I need to get the correct one to try, and work the setup around it instead of just putting it on my setup which is setup around the Kyosho carbon t-plates. The FRP t-plates dont recenter fast enough for the shorter wheelbases. I only like the FRP on longer wheelbases (102mm).

2009.01.11, 10:40 AM
i feel the new hplate clamp works very well,tried it last night and i was able to put the car in places with more confidence,car didnt feel out of tweak or want to over rotate.
as for the new hplate goes the shop we deal with only buys soft so there is no way for us to try the med one at this time but from what i saw emu do with his car with the soft we need the med to get the car right

2009.01.15, 01:25 PM
Are these plates harder or softer than the regular ones from PN?

2009.01.15, 01:43 PM
Are these plates harder or softer than the regular ones from PN?
Sorry. Just read trough the whole post and found the answer.

2009.01.18, 10:49 AM
i use this plate in a med with the high clamp mount and the results were great. the rear pod centered perfectly and had good traction. it has good sisde to side like a ssg plate and fore and aft like a carbon plate. i had to adjust my rear shock setting from before. but that was easy. overall a goo plate. another plus it fits real snug in a pn lcg v4 pod(doesn't shift )