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2008.12.17, 02:30 AM
MR015 is 70t spec
MR02 is pro stock

This is me vs Sai after the races were over. Yellow body was Sai's MR015 body on my chassis. My body was dark blue, and we wanted it to be visible in video. He did not have the rear window shaved out as much as my body is, and it restricts the F1 shock that I have on top of my DDS. He has no top shock on his setup. I believe his motor was Atomic Stock, although it could be a Speedy 07.


We ran for almost a complete battery pack, right next to eachother.

2008.12.17, 03:04 AM
damn I want to run with you guys! :)

2008.12.17, 09:28 PM
we have alot of FUN in this class i'm still feeling good about last week and i finished third:D:cool:

2008.12.17, 10:18 PM
Frank, your Dino is fast man. I have to keep an eye out for you. Its funny, the class used to be dominated by Nissan's... now there mainly Ferrari's and Chryslers :P I just like running a Ferrari in EVERY class.

2008.12.21, 01:04 PM
thanks EMU i like the dino alot now i'm looking for the next advatage body just haven't found one yet ;)

2008.12.21, 05:17 PM
Let me tell you... try the f355 or 350z. Those bodies run great, especially in traffic.

2008.12.21, 06:57 PM
yeah but where am i going to find a 355 i dont see any anywhere :(

2008.12.21, 07:47 PM
FRANK, my man....Ebay, Hobby of Japan and another guy have some.;)

2008.12.21, 07:49 PM
That is because you are not looking... If you want one, I can find one ;)

2008.12.21, 08:47 PM
ha aha aha yeah i found a couple thanks :p