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2008.12.17, 08:13 AM
Hi, i'm new to the overland scene, and could use some suggestions...i pick up my overland today and want to know the "must have" items to have a decent running truck...when i started with MR02, there were some must have items in order to compete, so i wanted to know what that would be for the overland...i'm also looking to get some beefy tires, wider and bigger than stock to make it look like a mud truck...i have a GMC Jimmy body i'd like to fit to it...where is the best place to get tires and wheels for this truck?...appreciate any help/suggestions....

2008.12.17, 08:33 AM
Id say bearings are the must have still. Youll want to get sealed ones unless you dont plan on taking it where it may get dirty.

As far as wheels and tires, Im not sure what type of aftermarket wheels are available for the OL. Ive seen peope fit Xmod wheels to them, and I know a lot of folks use the racer wheels.

If you go to Xmod wheels, of course you will have the off road or stock tires you could use. If you go racer wheels, there are some model tires that will fit. The Aoshima super swamppers are probably the most popular, but I fit some from a Revell hummer kit as well. There are probably tons of model tires and wheels that could be adapted, but it would take time and effort to get them to perform properly.

The last, and I think best, option for tires is to track down some cooldragon dragon claws. He is a member here that used to mold and sell silicone tires. They perform awesome, and look great too! I think Jimbo tried to pick up where cooldragon left off when he left, but I think Jimbo was only doing silicone versions of the super swampers. Im not sure exactly, but some searching around the OL forum should net you some tire and wheel options :D

Sorry, I couldnt be of more assistance, but I dont have an OL :D

2008.12.17, 08:37 AM
It been a while since I touched my Overland…but I am suddenly inspired to mess with it again!!

Tires were a must for me, I was lucky to find an xmod off-road upgrade kit at a local Radio shack near my work. The tires from there were pretty good. They slipped a little bit, until I put on a set of PN wheels from my 02 (I cant remember the offset) They looked great but keep hitting the fender wells of my body (at the time Landcruiser) so after that I had to raise the body by doing the mod described in http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22653&highlight=overland+body+lift

From there I upgraded my tires to 1/24th scale Aoshima Super Swamper Tires. I got those from a 4runner kit. They are legit

I put in a used Xspeed that I had and that gave it some punch.

Hope this helps,

2008.12.17, 08:41 AM
Just to add, i have a set of Radline oil filled shocks that i want to someday put on the OL.

2008.12.17, 11:52 AM
thanks for the info guys...i'll look for the xmod tires...are they still making parts for the overland? i know they stopped the monster, but i thought overland was still in production?....

2008.12.17, 02:47 PM
the overland is still in production however it is alot harder to find parts for them