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2008.12.18, 10:58 AM
Hey guys so I was cleaning my PN diff on my MR-02 yesterday to check the pressure plates and pulled it apart too fast resulting in my loosing 1 ceramic diff ball that I've hunted high and low for for hours with no luck in finding.

And since I'm getting some parts for christmas I might as well get new balls (haha...) put on the list. My question is...

Is the PN diff using 3/32 balls? (BTW the diff is using a PN 64 pitch spur gear if that makes a difference too) I have a GPM diff too and it uses 12 smaller balls and I dont know which size is 3/32 but I'm assuming that the PN does use the 3/32. I'm just making sure. Someone let me know soon...I'm putting my order in later today. (I've checked and couldnt find a quick answer...I'm in a hurry!)

Are the Avid ones good or do you suggest I stick with the PN brand? (there is a $10 difference but you get 2 extra...)

Thanks for helping out a newbie here...

2008.12.18, 12:53 PM
Yes PN uses 3/32 balls.

Have you tried using 5 balls instead of the standard 10 spaced evenly apart. I am sure that someone can explain the technical reason for this --- but all I can say is that when I run this configuration I can run less pressure (less tighter) and the diff doesn't slip. Try it -- I am sure you will LOVE it.

2008.12.18, 02:43 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I thought about putting it together with few balls and I have read a little bit of info on it but I just purchased the car and I haven't quite set it up yet or even driven it all that much. I test/tune with my other 02 and this is my racer when I go to the track (which will be soon).

So I dont play with the setup all that much on it, but I am planning on setting it up for RCP/Carpet. I believe I may try fewer balls but like I said, the PN diff is new to me and I've had minimal experience with R/C and Mini-Z so needless to say I'm learning everyday...

What size balls does the GPM have?? Man they are tiny...:eek: