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2008.12.19, 10:44 AM
my new mr02 rm with am radio is very glitchy when its about 15ft out (anywhere).

i tried another radio-no change
batteries are fully charged-car and transmitter

that leaves the car--antenna is mounted

anything else i can check? hate to have to send it back already to kyosho since its brand new

2008.12.19, 11:41 AM
is the antenna mounted tight? any little bit of movement / looseness is enough cause an am car to have glitches. also depends on where you are in relation to the model, if its off in a corner of the track and your at the far end from it. to keep some consistency in my am cars i have to stand near center of the track, hold the transmitter up and even still will have minor glitches now and then. hope that help

2008.12.19, 12:46 PM
Try a different set of crystals as well, and if that doesnt work, check to see if the antenna connection to the board is good.

2008.12.30, 04:18 PM
Check to see if there is a strong solder between the board and the antenna wire.

2008.12.30, 10:49 PM
jsut make sur u dont drive it on teh beech!!!11

it could just be bad electronics, you might have to return it. :(

Ibrake Ifry
2008.12.31, 04:38 PM
Like others said check the solder connections for the antenna wire and make sure the antenna is screwed down tight. Something else i have seen is make sure the antenna is not touching anything else under the body like the motor mount screws, top spring, or the dps plate etc. If you have a graphite dps plate that could also be an issue since the graphite seems to cause some glitching.

I sometimes use a thin strip of electrical tape to insulate the antenna after it screws in all the way to where it comes out of the body. ALso i have heard good reviews for the atomic antenna http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=18928&cat=375&page=1
And now for the idiot response....upgrade to 2.4ghz ;) :p