View Full Version : Overland to racer conversion?

MR - Z -
2008.12.20, 03:23 PM
So i dug out my v1 pajero overland thats not been used for about 2 years :eek: but it got me thinking if its possible to convert it into a racer (MR-01, 02, 015)? I miss racing my old mugen NSX and wanted to build something similar again.

I was going to just buy a whole new readyset but if i can convert the overland then that would be cool as the overland isn't what i need anymore.

Any help on this please :)

MINIz guy11
2008.12.20, 04:03 PM
Well, you'd need a
Main Chassis Kit Small Parts Kit All the servo items (Servo rods, servo saver, servo gears) Knuckes Tie-Rod Springs/Suspension Limiters Motor Mount T-Plate Pinion Gears Rims/Tires Bearings Differential Other accessories you would want if you want to get serious into racing

I'm not positive that I've covered all the parts needed for the conversion. I'm guessing that the kingpins are the same size, but otherwise, every part has to be switched out besides the board. Also, the crystal holder has to be re-soldered onto the otherside of the board, which from what I've been told, is very easy.

It does seem to be cheaper than buying a whole chassis kit, I expect nothing more than spending $50 for all stock parts.

MR - Z -
2008.12.20, 06:17 PM
Thanks, seems a lot of parts, i guess i will try and sell the overland and start afresh with a new kit.

2008.12.20, 07:54 PM
Cheaper and easier to just buy a new one...

2008.12.21, 01:49 AM
Or look for a used one. You can find AM MR02's pretty cheap now...

2008.12.21, 09:28 AM
Hi gents.
I would just like to say that the king pins are not the same size.
The only issue regarding the Overland board is that you will need to switch the connector for the crystals. When looking at you board, The big square block must be on the side of the Crystal holder, it is the only way you can mount it on the MR02 chassis.
Here is the Overland board

And here is the MR02 Board

Hope it helps.

MR - Z -
2008.12.21, 09:54 AM
Thanks guys, It looks easier just to start with a new readyset so i have my overland for sale, hopefully i will be back into racing soon :)