View Full Version : Overland Adjustable suspension

2008.12.20, 06:46 PM
adjustable shocks they are so awesome!!

it seems that you can adjust the height..lower for a bagged look and higher for that offroad look


2008.12.21, 02:40 AM
You can adjust preload, which will essentially lower and raise the truck. However, if you "lower" the car by reducing the preload, you will have more droop, which is something you must account for.

I preferred to lower the OL by putting a couple shims between the shock tower and the chassis. And the same amount of shims on the ball studs that go to the link rods to keep the geometry the same.

2008.12.21, 12:26 PM
it definetly makes buying the oiled shocks seem like it isnt worth the buy

2009.06.27, 10:23 AM
these will go great on my overland once i find one to buy

2009.06.27, 10:27 AM
just look on the bay idk if they still ahve them though