View Full Version : Any Plans from Kyosho to put the 2.4 Sysm. into the Formule 1

Ed Roberts
2008.12.23, 12:28 PM
If Kyosho would do it I would buy one and I know several other that would.

2008.12.23, 09:10 PM

They are real easy to convert. I beleive that Landon's are converted. Ask him.
Reflex Racing has a very good tutorial also.

2008.12.23, 11:32 PM
It would be nice to buy an F1 with a 2.4 board, but I think they are holding off because they have alot of AM boards in stock.

As mleemor60 said, they are easy to convert. Just use a 2.4 board for a MR-02. The switch wires on the 2.4 board are too short, take the switch wire off the AM F1 board and put it on the 2.4 board. The positive power wire needs to be about 1/2 inch longer, I just used a wire from an old board I had fried.

I hope you decide to get an F1 and convert it, it is a very fun car to race.

2008.12.24, 08:44 AM
Ed knows about the conversion as do most of the other guys. Its really hard for us to push F1 though, when some one has to buy a $160 RTR then buy a $90 board and do labor to have a running vehicle. There are a few people that may end up researching used F1s and converting them, but most of the guys would rather buy new (myself included).

The other option is to buy the RTR and an AM module for their radio (most all of them are running spektrum or FM) which doesnt end up saving more than a few dollars over option one. Then you are left with an inferior car, and you have to switch out your module in between heats and/or mains. It just becomes more of a pain then these guys want to deal with.

Eventually we will have an F1 class in MB. It may take until Kyosho starts marketing them as 2.4 though........