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2008.12.25, 12:22 AM
Hello everyone,
I didn't know a correct term to describe my front suspension.... but there is a space under my kingpin c-clip (~2mm) and under my knuckle (~3mm) when the car is placed down. I never had this problem with both of my previous 02's.. and wondering why it is occurring now.
Here's a picture.... sorry for the quality but look under the bottom of the knuckle and kingpin c-clip to see what I am talking about.
Any help given; thanks in advance


2008.12.25, 02:04 AM
The kingpin height issue is a weird one. The Kyosho chassis is what? 25 mm there? measure your chassis and kp and post the length. Is it a stock kp or aftermarket?

As for the space under the knuckle, it may be that the PN knuckle is shorter than the stock. Or perhaps you have low-down springs and you are meant to add more shims under the knuckle to lower the car and help preload the spring. Or both. You may need to take some material off the bottom of the suspension limiter (in the spring) to get good travel.

I assume the car is handling well?


2008.12.25, 07:42 AM
looks like the upper bar is bent down, do both sids do it?

2008.12.25, 04:06 PM
Do you have any preload spacers for the springs installed (hard to tell)? I havent noticed, but do the Atomic travel limiters have a little less preload than the stock ones? I know that they come with 2 different preload spacers, a .5 and 1mm spacer. The green springs arent very hard, so having them without preload gives a bit of droop (as you see with the space under the knuckle). I usually dont run soft springs without preloading to keep the ride height appropriate to my setup. Are there batteries installed in the picture?

As far as the space between the tower and the c-ring, I have one chassis that has knuckles that have a little play with the kingpin. I installed a shim under the c-ring and reduced the play. Are the tower bars installed properly? The lower bars could be angled slightly... or even overtightened... I would recommend reinstalling the towers, and screw them in loose, then tighten slowly alternating screws every rotation. Do try the PN kinpins as well.

2008.12.25, 06:19 PM
The way you have the limiters, I would put the shim between the limiter and the tower. A shorter limiter would be better, since you want to increase prelaod, not decrease the suspension travel.

The shim should be between the C-Ring and the top of the tower, not underneath the lower tower. That would leave the kingpin dragging on the track.

2008.12.25, 08:15 PM
if you are using down lows, then you gotta put those black spacers on. if not, then :(