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2008.12.25, 12:49 PM
Merry Christmas
Just got my First MR-02 CHassis set .
ASC Mclaren F1 LM glosscoat body.

are the wheels/tires that come with the chassis set, correct/ok? for use on the MM Mclaren F1 body?

so i set up chassis for MM, installed the ASC Mclaren body. have not replaced front limter yet.

Track is MINI-96

2008.12.25, 01:35 PM
The offsets will be fine as the mclaren is an mr02MM body.The tyres that come with the ASC will be absolute rubbish tho,you will want some decent RCP tyres.ATM or PN are the most popular,you will probs be best getting a couple of different compounds to try,personally i think a good starting point is 8/10* rears and 20* fronts.

2008.12.25, 03:58 PM
I prefer Kyosho tires over PN and Atomic because I find that they are the most consistant. 20d radial rears with 30d radial fronts should work well on most tracks.

For PN tires, 8d rears with 15d fronts should work well. On the mini-tile you dont carry quite as much speed as you don on the larger tracks, so the very high grip rear tires arent really necessary, and the slightly harder tires will last much longer.

If you havent done so already, I would receommend picking up some bearings, kingpins, spring set and t-plates to start with. Reflex Racing has a pretty good package deal for those parts http://www.reflexracing.net/proddetail.asp?prod=rx1112 The only things that I would add for that would be the PN front spring set to be able to tune the car to the track. After you figure out what everything does, and get more accustomed to the car, then you can think about getting advanced tuning parts like PN ML disc damper and a ball differential.

With these cars, the most important thing is tires. You can spend all day chasing around the setup to work around the wrong tire setup. Most experienced racers have boxes with lots of tires when they go to racing events. Most will only make small setup adjustments like springs and dampening fluid, but will go through many tires to get the right balance for the cars.

2008.12.30, 04:11 PM
Bearings are a must, and some new tires maybe; the stock ones are hard as rocks. I'm using Reflex Racing rear tires, and they have awesome grip. That's what I recommend, but almost any tire should help decently. :)

2009.01.25, 02:40 AM
I agree with EMU. Tires are the most important upgrade for Z's I bought tires as my first aftermarket part and there is a huge difference! Honestly you'll be surprised what a good set of tires does.