View Full Version : micro servo on mini-z pcb?

2008.12.26, 11:31 AM
I'm wondering if a std micro steering servo can be run directly from the mini-z pcb? I'm using a z pcb on a different project and want to use a servo for better steering.Wiring instructions would be great too :)

2008.12.26, 02:00 PM
Sure they can, MK2 and I run our MRCG's off the 2.4G ASF PCB.

All you have to do is rip out the control PCB from the servo casing, and then transplant wires from the Mini-Z servo motor and pot, to the servo motor and pot inside the casing. Normally it's a straight transplant (+ to +, - to -, and pot wires go in the same left/middle/right locations) but if you get it wrong the servo won't fry -- just try again till you get it right. ;)

2008.12.26, 04:53 PM
What about a two wire (AM) pot is that the same too? One wire is soldered to two terminals on the pot?

2008.12.27, 02:29 AM
You can transplant two wire pots the same way, just make sure the center wire stays the center wire. :)