View Full Version : Any mods for insane Steering angle?

2008.12.26, 09:11 PM
insane turning angle? is there a way that i can get more angle out of my steering pieces, im talking about going past the stock limits say to about 75- 90 degrees?

2008.12.26, 09:17 PM
I suppose one way to get turning like that would be a toe out tie rod.


2008.12.26, 09:22 PM
wouldnt that make the wheels point out or something????

care to explain toe out im more familiar with camber

2008.12.26, 09:24 PM
It would make them point out but not sure if that's the effect you are looking for. I have never seen anyone tyr to go beyond the stock steering angle.


2008.12.26, 09:26 PM
grrrr lol hmm i want it to just go out further to almost 90 degrees.... but do you know if MR-02 or 015 steering rods would be able to be swapped onto the overland?

2008.12.27, 03:51 PM
About the only thing I seen about this is the early Xmods cars. Using resisters on the pot to get a tighter turning out of it. There was never much need to do that on any Mini Z though. You brought up Overland, so I am guessing it is for a trail rig or rock crawling? I also guess the D/R knob on the transmitter is turned all the way up?

2008.12.27, 04:23 PM
yup its maxed and no its not an offroader its kinda slammed to the ground.. the wheels that are on it are the porshe martini wheels...the body that is mounted is the BMW X5 it barely holds the rims in.... but i want more angle

2008.12.27, 04:51 PM
You'll never see 90 degrees dude, these cannot physically handle over 60-70.

2008.12.27, 04:54 PM
yea dude i dont care about 90 degrees for the overland but maybe for an awd with more rwd power.....for mr015 and overland maybe 75 degrees or stock might do well

2008.12.29, 02:17 PM
this is an intresting topic.

I wish my awd had more steering

some guys at our track add lead weight to the front. I am going to look into this on my awd mod