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MINIz guy11
2008.12.28, 01:27 PM
Well, my Speedy 05BB has been through a lot without proper cleaning from RCP and Comm drop use. This is how it looked from the outside.


The inside. Notice all the track dust and other stuff from the Comm drops.


And here is the comm cleaned up using a Lionel Track Eraser. Yes, the focus isn't on the comm but you can see it is much cleaner.


I also cleaned the endbell up with a diluted All-Purpose-Cleaner. I wiped much of the gunk off everything else also.

By doing this, will I actually see a performance increase? After racing yesterday, I noticed this Speed 05BB was getting out-punched in the top-end speed with all the Speedy 07's.

2008.12.29, 01:04 PM
By doing this, will I actually see a performance increase?

You may, but the biggest result would be from cleaning up the comm, replacing the brushes (if you did so), and cleaning and oiling the bearings. The random crud floating around in there probably doesn't affect matters too much as long as it doesn't inhibit current flow at the comm or add friction to the rotation of the shaft,


2008.12.29, 08:11 PM
ianc hit the nail on the head.

If you want to see something cool, try installing a set of the new PN Racing Silver Carbon brushes, part# 10CR45. They will max-out the performance of any PN motor. Worth the $4 all day long...:)

MINIz guy11
2008.12.29, 08:31 PM
Well, the comm has been cleaned as shown in the last picture.

I might try the new brushes when the time comes, I just saw that my current brushes had a lot of life left so I just cleaned them up.