View Full Version : Multi-Event Race Day anyone?

2008.12.29, 08:35 PM
Class grip races are nice and all, but aren't you guys bored of that yet? I'd love to have a full day or two to hold multi-class events: grip, drift, maybe even drag since it all can be done on the same track layout. Another could be a perfect lap to see if and how fast you can complete a lap or two without hitting any walls.

This will defenetly be a challenge since you'll have to setup a few cars or swap out a few setups per car to compete in each one. Plus, it'll be a fresh change from the same old + small variants of races. We could throw Endurance in as well, maybe even perfect lap endurance.

What do you guys think?

2008.12.29, 10:26 PM
hfay race dates are 2 class events.

hfay big track events are 3 classes, twice a year.

we hold several mini endurance races each season.

we have a 4 hour endurance scheduled for july.

since you've raced with us once maybe twice, i'd say it's a bit early to call anything same old + small variants. not trying to be rude at all, just expereince in dealing with club racing and the effort it takes to get a race done. if you want some first hand experience with that just ask the ringer as he plans the spec races. it's much easier said than done. in general, it's key to get as many involved as possible. we even tried nascar...

we've tried drag races with other more enthusiatic and more involved with real rc drag racing and it never caught on.

lets face it, drifting is fun but it's not on par with actual racing. we have some very talented drifters in our club but no one has ever bothered with a drift event just becuase it's only soo much fun watching 2-3 people doing anything. it's also very techincal in judging where as racing is a ssimple as crossing a line. the best bet for a drift event is one of the regional club events where we have a larger gathering. definately look into nekocon for 2009 as i think we are planning drift events then. there are a couple very good clubs within about 2-4 hour drives from here. you can check in on thier forums and see hwat they are up to as they all plan things like the turkey day racing this past november.

we had a club points series (multiple classes) last year but with hfay going, it was a bit too intense to keep both hfay and club class cars tuned and ready to go. i would be ore than happy to start again if there is interest but i'm under the impression it's not exactly wanted.

anyone is free to run hfay time trials at any time inbetween races. some clubs even use time trial runs for grid positions for mains vs. qualifiers.

by all means, please share and offer ideas. it's very nice to get another enthusiatic club member to keep the energy up.:p

2008.12.30, 12:08 AM
Yea, I realize I hit up rather empty meets so far, but at the same time a few more events wouldn't hurt. I'd say we should try the diversity during practice sessions to liven things up rather than stomp all over the official events you guys are used to running. Then indeed see if it catches on. IMO I don't see a difference between practice and a real event other than maybe the # of people who bother (or are able) to show up.

I think I'll stick to my opinion until we actually try this a one or few times and look at feedback.

Quick note regarding drifting- I meant it more of a race than just show off. Maybe have a rule that every corner must be slid, but everything else is whatever. Seeing and playing with Jeremy's FD, I think this would be fairly challenging since cars spin out extremely easily on drift tires; and thus an actual race could be pretty fun since even slight paint trading could cost you half a lap.

Last thing I'll seriously hold off on until I myself find a working formula is MR drifting. Show or race. This event would defently be the hardest and may attract some people to learn the style.

I think I'm tryin to broaden the event range because I'm seriously impressed with what these cars are capable of. Gotta try and squeeze every bit of its possibilities.

Lastly I would gladly hear what else you guys have done over 10 ish years you raced Zs to give me a better idea what to pitch towards you.