View Full Version : Happy New Year!

2008.12.31, 02:57 PM
Hey guys, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New year. The first race of '09 will be on January 15th. Registration begins at 7pm. Deciding whether to run a spec class or open mod.. or both :cool:

A&E Hobby Warehouse

2008.12.31, 03:44 PM
Happy new year to u 2 danny and to everyone:)

2009.01.05, 05:26 PM
Happy new year to everyone also,
please lets up know on the classes you are running, you have to make it attractive for the new commers... not to mention that I would love to run more than one class one night =) and a spec class is a driver's race.

Leo, are you comming to race?

2009.01.05, 06:42 PM
I will really like to make it. Lets see how work is on that day;)