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2009.01.03, 01:45 PM
I think my next autoscale will be the Ferrari 575. Does anybody run this body? If so, what are your offsets? I've heard that it's slower around the track because it's so wide. Is this true? I'd love to hear your input. :D

2009.01.03, 01:55 PM
the 575 gtc is a good track body, it's one of the heaviest bodies though. the only real problem that I had with it was that the body is easily dislodged from the chassis. if you plan on using this body, taping it on during a race is a must.

It's a nice wide body with +3 rears, and +2.5 fronts. it also has a great shape for running on RCP track.

2009.01.03, 04:07 PM
Cool, thanks for your input. :)

2009.01.04, 07:36 AM
ive found the 575gtc to be quite weak too:(

2009.01.04, 10:33 AM
Oh, that's too bad. :(

flat 4
2009.01.09, 06:32 PM
I love'd 575 it was great it held up pretty well. One of those would last me a season. The 575gtc couldnt be more of a turd for me. It after the thrid race I was so feed up with it and toss'd away. I bought it as a white body. I spent more time painting it than I did racing it.