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2009.01.03, 08:27 PM
As you may have seen with my other autoscale thread, I'm looking for a new body. I'd like the Audi DTM, because I've heard good things about it, but its offsets are 0n, 0w. The problem is that my alu. rims are 1n and 1.5w. Will I be able to run this body with my rims? If not, I could just use the stock rims, but any other suggestions for 94mm bodies?

2009.01.04, 01:25 AM
I dont think you will be able to use those wheels at all with the Audi.

You would be able to fit them under a Lexus SC430, Nissan 350z (05/07), Corvette C5R, Ferrari 575GTC...

The stock wheels that come with the autoscales arent bad. But its a pain to get the replacements when they break. You can allways just get a few sets of PN or Atomic wheels in the correct offsets, and when one breaks/warps, then you can just change that one out to a new one. I would rather have a plastic wheel that breaks, than an alloy wheel that will either bend, and be harder to notice, or transfers the impacts to the chassis.

There are fans of alloy wheels, I feel that they look great, but I prefer plastic.

2009.01.04, 10:37 AM
Maybe I'll just buy some dishes. Thanks for the help. :)

2009.01.04, 03:22 PM
Hi Starsky
I agree with EMU About wheels offset as well as materials selection.
It is best to keep the recommended offset, you don’t want your wheels to expose out of the fenders, you can really damage your suspension part or steering system,
If you really like the aluminum wheels, as I do, they just look great and for same reason I personally feel they perform better than plastic, they feel smoother and well balanced, as well as, very trouble-free to remove CA glue from them, opposite to plastic. But I only run my cars on RCP track and use aluminum wheels when running by my self other wise I’ll go plastic, I practically don't hit the track side walls, very rare to do so, but if some one is racing with you, and hits you on a aluminum wheel they can bend an wiggle affecting the overall performance of your car. They are very nice plastic wheels out there for example ATM has nice ones in black, silver or white. You don’t have to go dish if you don’t like them.

2009.01.04, 03:50 PM
I have recently switched from dishes to alu. rims and feel more planted; I would rather have them. But dishes are cheap and perfectly fine with me. I should probably be choosing rims to match a body instead of a body to match some rims. :p

I wouldn't know, because I recently got my first set, but do aluminum rims bend easily/often?

2009.01.04, 04:49 PM
Only if you smack them on a hard wall, wood, tile or concrete, as I said if some other racer hits you at the wheels hard, perhaps if you drop your car on the floor and lands on a wheel.
Yes they really seemed to perform better than plastic, maybe the extra weight or that they are better balanced than plastic, but the deference is indeed noticeable.

2009.01.04, 05:01 PM
Hey man, thanks for the info. I appreciate it. :D

2009.01.04, 05:26 PM
Hey man, thanks for the info. I appreciate it. :D

Groovy, Ur welcome any time!!!;)
I just want to clear-up, that if you are into group racing, it is preferable to go plastic, as I mentioned, if some one hits you and bends your aluminum wheel, not only your car handling performance will decline, but think about the costs of these wheels, they arenít as cheap as the plastic.:cool:

2009.01.04, 05:34 PM
I'll remember that; thanks again. :D