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2009.01.04, 11:57 AM
Hi all,

I've just recently started driving my mini-z mr-01 again after several years at a newly opened local track. Its set up nicely however it is so noisy! The noise comes from the gears. Even though I'm using the correct spacers with the pinion gear, the spur gear on my ball diff looks a bit chewed as i don't believe the pinion is sitting nicely against the spur gear. The other mr-02s and iwavers are so quiet though! Is this normal for a mr-01 to be this noisy??? I got the x-speed motor and a turbo upgrade for my car, but this shouldnt cause the noise in the first place. It's definitely the gears but I'm confused since I'm using the correct spacers :confused:

2009.01.04, 04:42 PM
if the spur gear is chewed than that is where your noise is coming from. repace and try again!

2009.01.04, 05:15 PM
I'd also replace you motor pinion at the same time. that should quiet down you car for sure.

2009.01.04, 10:57 PM
I snapped the pinion gear my very first race and it rattled like it was about to die, so yea, just replace whichever is imperfect.

2009.04.20, 01:55 PM
I had something like that with mine. I used the 1.0 spacer with the pinion-8 and it didn't fit very well. I put 3 pieces of electric insulation tape on the spacer to make it a little thicker, and it works perfectly, more silent than the original setup with the pinion-6 and 1.5 spacer.


Mini-z - MR-01(Modena)

2009.04.25, 05:08 PM
there might be filth in between the teeth. try scraping them out ;)

2009.04.25, 05:45 PM
I recenlty has a similar problem with my 01 .
I ended up , taking the diff apart and cleaning the gears also just went ahead and "rebuilt" the diff so to speak.Cleaned the bearings an the diff balls scrubed the gears with soapy water and a tooth brush.

The noise went away so I suspected it to be junk in the mesh of the gears.