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2009.01.04, 05:40 PM
anyone following the 2009 Dakar?!

i've seen the first stage and the trucks are well, very kit bash like with the exception of the lancer.

anyone think there is a chance for 09 dakar overlands?

2009.01.05, 10:08 AM
i have seen abit, id love to watch it on tv- but ive heard only eurosport have it in the uk, and our sky package doesnt include that :( i saw piccies of a jeep, looked badd asssss! as for the overland idea, thatd be awesome, and baja trophy trucks would be pretty cool too.

2009.01.09, 06:36 PM
what channel have you seen everything on???

2009.01.10, 06:34 AM
i think theres a live feed/webcam on the website.

2009.01.10, 01:24 PM
spiketv channel in maryland

2009.01.13, 06:04 PM
Hi all, 1st time poster :) I just bought a second hand overland pajero rally and its awesome! Its my 1st mini rc from a long background of 1/10 and 1/8's.

Original intention was to convert this to a carpet drifter lowered with a car body etc, but now im thinking a rally car. I'm getting ideas to build some kind of backyard rally stage using real dirt with small jumps, hills etc.

I thought of the weed killer spray a track in the back lawn trick but its a bit too permanent plus my back yard is dead flat. Then I got to thinking of using polystyrene blocks about a foot high and cutting a channel say 250mm wide and 100mm deep (for a scale rally road) putting about 30mm deep of fine dirt in the polystyrene trench and there u go rally dakar mini version :)

2009.01.15, 08:14 AM
Hi guys. I live in Argentina and I can tell you the Dakar is generating a lot of heat around here.

Since the vehicles arrived in Argentina mid december and were parked at the Dakar Village facility here in Buenos Aires, crowds are all around.

At the simbolic start right at the Obelisk in the middle of Downtown, the more than 6 hours it took for all bikes, quads, cars and trucks to part, more than 500.000 people gathered. Even on route from the Village and back to it (4km away from the start).

Then everywhere the race goes, there's people all around.

We are following it via Fox Sports which has exclusive rights for latin america.

Mitsubishi lost 3 out of the 4 new Racing Lancers. BMW, lost 2 out of 3 official X3s. I just read that the current leader - Carlos Sainz with VW - had to fall out due to an accident. It's being very tough on everybody.

The routes are really challenging.

Sunday is the final stage where they will arrive back here to Buenos Aires....

You can see video from each stages at www.dakar.com (http://www.dakar.com)

2009.01.16, 04:45 PM
anyone following the 2009 Dakar?!

Me! Avidly! Versus coverage sucks, I can barely sit through it it's so annoying - SPEED was so much better. Who is anyone rooting for? I'm hoping Cyril Despres can pull something amazing off in bikes, those first couple of stages were disastrous; I really wish Jonah Street could have kept going, he was doing brilliantly. I'm not too excited about Cars right now after all but one of the Mitsubishis (by the way, how are those Lancers?!) and Nasser Al-Attiyah are out - fingers crossed for Roma at this point! My favorite category by far though is Trucks, and I've not watched the most recent episode yet but as of Stage 11 (which didn't happen) my favorite Chagin (as my wife and I call them, the Chagin Wagon) is only 14s from 1st place! :D

2009.01.16, 04:47 PM
Hi guys. I live in Argentina and I can tell you the Dakar is generating a lot of heat around here.

leonen, that's so cool, have you been able to go and check out any of the action in person!? :cool: :)

2009.01.16, 08:18 PM
leonen, that's so cool, have you been able to go and check out any of the action in person!? :cool: :)

Not really. I knew there would be a lot of people, so I stayed home with my air conditioner and the the Tv for the whole 6 hours it took place the opening ceremony.

The whole race takes place far away from my city. Tomorrow they're coming home again. Perhaps I'll take a look at them next week, which I heard they will be on display.