View Full Version : 01-03-09 Awesome RC, VA

2009.01.04, 10:48 PM


and just some first day home fun


2009.01.04, 11:39 PM
What tires and motor are you using on the RX-7? You look like you are losing a little rear traction on corner exit when you get onto the straight.

A few suggestions; wait a little longer to get on the throttle as you exit the corner, you want to get on the throttle as your front wheels start to straighten out. This way you will accelerate straight. Powering out of the corner too early actually slows you down. It takes you off of the fast line, shortest distance between corners, and causes more tire wear and possibility for error.

Do not be afraid to drive slow through the corners, as it will eventually make you faster. Overshooting a corner takes more time than slowing down a little too early... Tight lines make a bigger difference than faster wider lines... Just wanted to give a few general tips.

You had some good laps in the middle of the video... When a faster car passes, try to follow their line a little, but again, you dont want to go full throttle until you know you dont have to back off of it out of the corner, basically after hit the apex. Especially if you have a few corners back to back like on the left side of this layout. I would only half throttle at most in any of those corners until I start to come on to the straight.

edit: Oh, and I think you may be a better drifter than I am ;)

2009.01.04, 11:56 PM
Thanks and who knows lol. Its my 3rd track session, fresh 2.4 MR15; I think 20 front 30 back or other way around; both are narrow. I can only imagine a better motor and say all wide rims... it will rip.