View Full Version : Iwaver 02 Servo Saver Replacement?

2009.01.05, 09:08 AM
So, I was testing an assumed dead 02 from my collection and running it on the wide L with no body.

I clipped the wheel on the wall and busted the little piece in the servo saver that looks like an O but with like 10 percent of it cut out. It is the piece between was screws to the servo, and what attaches to the linkage.

I am pretty confident I can't fix it by glue or whatever.

Anyone know of a way to replace the whole servo saver? I know I have seen some stuff about making your own, but it's always the best is to make your own, but no real further discussion.

It was a good week besides that. Bought a used Wide L for 75 from a closed hobby shop, finally tested an MA01 AWD that I bought off ebay 3 months ago, as a broken car for dirt cheap, and it works perfect, and my 02 worked until I clipped the tire.

2009.01.05, 08:37 PM
Toyeast sells them. Look under the Iwaver section. What was wrong with the MA010? Electronics?

2009.01.07, 07:25 AM
The seller had said steering was bad. I think he was basing it off performance because, it works fine except that, the front tires were one side hard, one side soft, and the knuckle was partially out. Until I fixed that, it did drive off from what it should, could be taken as something more with the steering.

I got the AWD chassis with ATM alum. rear end, tx, skyline body, lancia delta body, and a spare chassis with mainboard, but missing front and rear end parts, all for 60 bucks. The spare chassis appears to work fine as well.

FYI, I seen the part on toyeast, thanks....