View Full Version : Tradin 1/10 for mr-015

2009.01.05, 01:43 PM
hey guys i was talking to this lad i know about sellin my 1/10 and he goes are you still lookin for a mini-z and i go yes i am indeed and then he shown me pics of it and i was tempted and now its going to be mine it has

Audi racing body :D

calsonic Skyline body :D

Subaru body :D

x-race motor :D

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!:D

2009.01.05, 06:39 PM


flat 4
2009.01.06, 10:52 AM
I like my toyota altezza, and 934 bolth handle great.

2009.01.06, 03:22 PM
Nice! Lucky you! Do you think the other guy will get the 1/10?
Oh and can you unblock me? lol