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2009.01.06, 12:34 PM
Hey guys n gals,
i'm looking to sell a few things, not 100% sure what yet (the specifics that is) but my Monster and possibly my drifter will be amongst them, they sit doing nothing, even when i do get to an event and i'm after getting a new project on the go, so if anyone is interested let me know and i'll look at exectly what will be up for grabs, if there is no interest from the club it goes on the bay! I may even sell my open car as i'm wanting to focus more on my Lambo.
Offer wont be around long though as i'm wanting to get this new project on the go, i'm getting bored inbetween snow boarding down Lower Green and bouncing around on my Powerizers!...lol
Also there is the Micro T and an excellent condition Electric Guitar up for grabs!!!
Post up any interest!

EDIT: Also there is a Lap Dragon timing system available with 5 transponders.

2009.01.07, 05:51 AM
Cool, 39 views, no replys, going on the bay!

2009.01.09, 01:30 AM
not heard of the lap counter before, what's it like, how much would you want for it.

2009.01.09, 07:30 PM
Hey Sarah, its pretty cool actually, it works by means of each transponder is its own lap counting/timing device. They run from the cars power source and you have an infra-red emitter sat at the track side, every time each car/transponder passes it, it registers that lap, whats really good with this one too is you can put in the track length and it will tell you the average speed of the car.
However, i tested them all the other day and only 2 of the 5 transponders work correctly, the other 3 count about 15 seconds to every 7 REAL seconds and the part where you enter the distance of the track (for speed calculation) isnt there, like it just disappeared from the transponder.
So only having 2 working transponders isnt really worth selling it so i'll keep it and encompass it in with my new project, my dad got an RC tank for Xmas so i'm doing the same, then we can have battles when i go through to visit, i figure if i keep the Lap Dragon we can have tank races where if you get shot you have to stop moving for 2 seconds or something like that, it'll make it more fun than just driving around the garden shooting each other mindlessly...lol
The Monster is on the bay and doing quite well i might add, though i notice i have 13 watchers and was wondering how many of them were you guys?...lol?

2009.01.11, 05:00 PM
Ones, not me so that's good!